A million board feet of lumber is a lot of wood any way you look at it. That is the quantity used by the builders in the project on which they worked. That's only a start, though, for tons of nails were used to erect the jobs and hundreds of pieces of builders hardware were necessary for doors and windows. A vast quantity of concrete was used in foundations, septic tanks and cesspools, curbs, gutters and various other items.
   The builders have not only worked in their own field of endeavor, but they have helped the electricians pull wire, run conduit and  hang fixtures. The utilities men were given a hand in running water and steam lines and in installing radiators. Builders have been active in almost every field of construction on the projects. At various times builders were used for drivers to relieve the shortage of truck drivers in the transportation department. After the construction the building had to be painted inside and out.

First row, left to right: Amdahl, Bottomly.
Second row, left to right: Hammond, Bazata, Francis,  Perry, Williams, Suder, Wood.


Pappy Barham and Pappy Hartwig



Pull Shop Pictures