The Cat Shop, headed by Mr. Crombie, worked on and repaired all track operated vehicles such as cats of all sizes and models, "Cherry Pickers," pans, sheepsfoot rollers and the like. Welding and work in the machine shop which was attached to the cat shop took up most of the work. Although tearing down a cat engine to the belly pan was no picnic, anytime you walked in you could see the guys coming out of something.
   After the Cat shop and the Pull shop were partly moved to their new home in the Heavy Equipment Building, those buildings were torn down for the airstrip and runways. When this happened an old landmark of Cubi Point was gone as the Cat and Pull Shops were among the first buildings to erected and they more than served their purpose.

Kneeling, Left to Right: Blanchard, Hoot.
Second Row: Nixon, Scibetti, Emerich, Derr, Holleman.
Third Row: Robinson, Adams, VanderHeyden, Valsh, Christianson.


Carrier Pier Pictures