The Electric Shop and electrical maintenance work was handled entirely by MCB 11 while at Cubi Point. All the electrical wiring and installations in the new barracks were accomplished by our able electricians. If you should happen to see a man playing monkey up a pole you could be sure that it was just one of our men stringing wire or making a connection for a new power line.
   In the shops, motors and all kinds and types of electrical equipment were repaired and put into working order again if at all possible.

First Row, left to right: Bruce, Bentley, Brown, Morton, Spencer, Pascho, Allee, Taylor, France, Simmons, Reaner.
Second Row, left to right: Seminara, Mathis, Shin, Barcroft, Markow, Coate, Dunlap, Akers, Myers, Searles, Megow, Stewart, LTJG Bourne.




Project Pictures