Called "The Pull Shop," as all the tournapull scrapers were repaired there at one time or another, the Pull Shop also worked on Mack Trucks, Euclid Trucks and Scrapers and Belly Dumps. Graders from every company were also repaired and maintained at the Pull Shop.
   The Pull Shop was taken over by Mr. Crombie in mid 1954. He hand-picked his men out of transportation and mechanics of MCB 11 for the Cat and Pull Shops. Ninety percent of the work was with diesel engines, and the men had to be on the ball, as some of the heaviest equipment working at Cubi Point was tied up if the Pull Shop got behind---which they didn't. While MCB 11 had the Pull Shop no civilian employees worked there.

First row: Oppel, Harden, Carpentar, Waldrop, Smith, Crombie.
On Fender:  Winters, Juaner.
On Hood:  Spanton, Foiles, Ruggles.
On Top:  Winfield, Young, Howell, Pritchard.


Sheet Pile Bulkhead