Mr. Crombie had charge of MCB 11 Transportation while it was located at the end of the parking strip, but when Transportation was moved to its new location on the Blue Dyke, Mr. Doelling took over. At that time very little heavy equipment was being used by transportation, as MCB 11 had received a fleet of 5 ton GMC trucks and shovels and trucks were rolling. It was once said by one of the Regimental Staff that with the MCB 11 trucks running up and down the road it wasn't safe for a lizard to cross. With MCB 11 moving dirt from every corner of Cubi, it was a race between MCB 3 and MCB 11 to see who was moving the most dirt.
   Later Macks and Euclids (Trucks) were given to MCB 11, along with a few 10 ton GMCs.

First Row: Barenberg, Hamrick, Thomas, Shoener, Murray, Everett, Mc Laren, Perry, Crutcher, Bloon.
Second Row: Ingham, Mc Mahon, Nelson, Grimm, Johnston, Bleasdell, Beecham, Greenwood, Heath, Frier, Milner, O'Keefe, Coleman, Sturges, Alexander, Benson.


Transportation #2