The following photos and articles were submitted by Maynard Brown

White's Inspection Okinawa

MCB-11 DEPARTING FOR OKINAWA (newspaper article)

   "Best of Type" MCB-11 departs Port Hueneme for Okinawa aboard the USS MITCHELL Sunday. It will serve as "alert battalion" for the Pacific for the next seven months.
   During the past six months while stateside, MCB-11 has been preparing for its deployment. Two weeks of military training at Camp Pendleton in August were augmented with three weeks of military training at Port Hueneme and the Conejo area.
   It was upon completion of training at Camp Pendleton that MCB-11 received official word it had won Best of Type a third  year in a row and the Pacific Naval Construction Force Marksmanship Award, having the highest percentage of men qualifying with the M-14.
   Other stateside operations have been painting barracks, rehabilitating their entire office area and other buildings which will be classrooms for military training. There was on-the-job training at Rose Valley in helping to develop roads in the Los Padres National Forest, and a group took part in a training film made at 29 Palms.
   The majority of the seven months on Okinawa will be spent in military training with some construction interspersed. The battalion will perform "mount-out" operations, field problems, and continued familiarization with their weapons ready to mount out with the Pacific Marines should the need arise.


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