Military Training Okinawa 1964




MCB-Eleven to Depart for Okinawa by Air (newspaper article)

   The main body of MCB-11 some 420 men commanded by CDR W.W. Barron, is expected to depart for Okinawa by air sometime between Jan 18 and 20. The battalion will relieve MCB-9 on the Camp Hansen project.
   The men will depart from Pt. Mugu in three to six MATS aircraft in a a heel to toe relief operation; that is upon their arrival in Okinawa, approximately 420 Seabees of MCB-9 will be picked up for return to Port Hueneme.
   Current aircraft weight allowances are 300 pounds per passenger. This will permit the transportation of infantry equipment and baggage for each man plus essential administrative records. The remainder of MCB-11's supplies left Port Hueneme Dec 12 aboard the SS California.
   MCB-11 will be the first battalion to use air instead of surface transportation for movement of the main body. Change in the means of transportation was approved by the Chief of Naval Operations on the basis of recommendations by COM-CBPAC.
   It is expected that improved manpower utilization and length of time both at overseas deployment sites and in home port will mean a savings of in excess of a million dollars a year in the operation of the battalions. This is based on man-hours lost during time at sea.
   Present planning indicates that man-hours saved by air transportation will be used to lengthen both home port and deployment times, as individual circumstances warrant.

MCB-11 Stateside Deployment Covers Wide Variety of Activities (newspaper article by J.C. Harrison, EAD3)

   Over four months of diversified activities at home port will come to a close with the departure this month of MCB-11 for Okinawa.
   The battalion returned Sept 1 from an eight-months deployment on Okinawa as the alert battalion. That month during the period Sept 25-30, it was called upon to assist the U.S. Forest Service in fighting a serious forest fire in the Santa Barbara area. Thirty ment worked long hours under difficult conditions to support the firefighting effort with finally brought the holocaust under control
   In a ceremony held Nov 25, the 30 men received a letter of commendation from CDR William W. Barron, MCB-11 Commanding Officer, which read: "I take pleasure in commending  you for your important part in this effort, which served to maintain and enhance the proud reputation of MCB-11 and the Navy's Seabees for their ability to promptly and effectively serve wherever and whenever required."
   Early in October the battalion was alerted to have 100 officers and men )later raised to 200) on four-hour call for possible mount-out for disaster recovery work following a Gulf Coast hurricane. Personnel were selected and remained on call for six days. Material and equipment was assembled and remains staged for future contingencies.
   MCB-11 concentrated the entire month of October on an intensive military technical training program. Personnel received two weeks of advanced field training with the Marine Corps Second Infantry Training Regiment, Camp San Onofre.
   During the remaining period, MCB-11 had a majority of its personnel involved in technical training. The men received instruction in concrete block masonry, well digging, field communications, cranes and attachments, grade work principles, and other rate related subjects. Much of the training was coordinated with NAVSCON and CBBU.
   One of the highlights of the battalion's home port deployment was a twilight firepower demonstration for MCB-11 dependents and their guests. The night firing display was staged at the CBC Rifle Range Dec. 17 and involved live tracer ammunition and rocket launchers.
   In the field of sports, MCB-11 entered a softball team in the Station League and tied for second place. The team was composed of advance party personnel and new men waiting to join the battalion.
   The battalion also formed a volleyball team, which participated in a station "nooner" league.
  Two men of the battalion, Mikkel Cooper, PN3, and George Hubert, PN2 (both brown belt holders) gave daily judo instruction at the CBC gymnasium.
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