Well Drilling Team MTT2 Pleku Vietnam 1965


MCB 11 Camp Da Nang 1966



Piers Going Up at Da Nang (newspaper article)

Work proceeds on one of three deep water piers being constructed in the harbor of Da Nang for the U.S. Naval Support Activity, Da Nang. The pier is scheduled to be completed in September. When the piers are finished, Da Nang will be transformed into a deep draft port with greatly increased cargo capacity. At present deep draft ships in the harbor must be unloaded by small craft. (USN Photo by Photographer's Mate 3C Clifford Byrne)


O.G. MOORE'S Hospital Well drilling crew makes final adjustment before beginning the auger of this rig.

Alpha Company's Well Drilling Team (left to right)
Brown, UTB2, Rowley, UTB3, Moore, EOC, Hodge, SWF2, Huckabay, EOH2, Gojkovich, SWF3, and Perkins, CMA3, shown at the Covered Storage Dairly Plant.

Seabees Aid Port Program (newspaper article)

   CAMP ADENIR, Da Nang (PAO)--Vital to the success of U.S. Forces in Vietnam is the expansion now under way of port facilities at Da Nang.
RMK-BRJ, holder of the contract to build three deep-water piers off Observation Point on the Da Nang East Peninsula, called upon the well drilling team from Naval Mobile Construction Bn 11 for help.
   While dredging provided the desired depth of 42 feet for two of the piers, blasting was required for the third pier.
   With one of the few drilling rigs in the Da Nang area, NMCB 11's team was called in to drill holes for the blasting of the harbor's ccoral floor.
   For proper alignment and also as a time-saver, the barge on which the rig is placed features tracks enabling easy movement to each drilling position, The holes are drilled in a parallel series of 10, 10 feet apart, 15 feet into the coral which is 30 feet below the surface.
   As each hole is drilled, it is capped and marked by a diver of the team. When all 10 holes are completed. charges are placed and detonated.
   Working around the clock, the team has drilled 60 holes with approximately 60 more to go.
   When completed this deep water port facility will greatly increase Da Nang's cargo-handling capabilities. The port will also provide the Republic of Vietnam with an improved outlet for world trade.
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