Monkey Mountain Detachment in 1965
We were building the road from the top to the bottom, blasting our way through the rock


Looking from the top of the mountain to our compound. US Navy and Marines.

Looking from our garage area to the top
of the mountain. We are approximately one
mile from the top.

Looking from the main camp to the CB Garage area.

Garage Area

Hawk missile tracking and radar Hawk missile launching carriage

Joel West drilling rock head to set dynamite for blasting. Ken and Jake, setting 60% Hercules Dynamite, stemming,
tying det cord, and adding fuse.

Adding fuse. The big boom. We blasted every day at 15:00. Could not be late or early.

Aftermath Clean up. Cutting road down MRS-2-- tractor and
pan in front. MRS-200 tractor as push vehicle.

MRS-200. Joel West in passenger seat. Looking down the road.

Ready to begin again tomorrow.

Photos submitted by Joel West