John Doherty's Tour - 1967

Dong Ha/ Cua Viet, Viet Nam
UT- 4, 3rd Sqd, 3rd platoon, C Company
April 4, 1967 to December 4, 1967
    When MCB 11 arrived in Dong Ha, I volunteered for a detail to Cua Viet at the mouth of the Cua Viet River/DMZ to build a landing strip for LSTís that provided supplies to I Corp.  In 1967 at Dong Ha, less than 10 miles from the Demilitarized Zone, MCB-11 became the northern-most Seabee battalion in Vietnam. Cua Viet was the main receiving port for Supplies & a Fuel Farm for I Corp. 
    In 1967 the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Moorer, visited Cua Viet to view the importance of the outpost and as a morale booster for the troops. During this tour Marvin C. Hill, EO4, died.

2nd Tour
Quang Tri, Viet Nam
UT 4, First Squad, Third Platoon, Bravo Company
May 9, 1968 to August 9, 1968
    The leave period was barely over in January 1968, when preparations for the next deployment started for the men of the battalion. We underwent both technical and military training. They started with construction schools and then five weeks of military training, with courses covering the land and people of Vietnam, along with combat training. After 89 days with MCB 11 at Quang Tri, I was sent home and discharged.



LTJG Dan McDonald - 1967


This tiger had killed a marine on a night patrol and was hauling another marine away, when another marine jumped on the tiger and killed him with a k-bar knife. Nov-1968

LST at Cua Viet - 1967

Cua Viet_LST Landing Pad


Cua Viet_M60 Inspection


Cua Viet_M60




Cua Viet_Partytime