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Operations Department, Danang East, Vietnam, June - October 1966
ENS Geibel was the Assistant Operations Officer at Camp Adenir, China Beach, Danang East, Vietnam, from June until October 1966. He oversaw the design and surveying crews in the Operations Department. His crews worked on design, plans and specifications and/or surveying for several major projects including the III MAF Patio Cover, Monkey Mountain Road Work to the LAAM Site, III MAF R&R Center at China Beach (consisting of a 250- man amphitheater, 8 barracks buildings, chapel, library and reading room, shower buildings, recreation fields, utilities, and concertina wire protective containment from the South China Sea), and surveying and layout for MAG 16 and NSA Hospital infrastructure, Tourane River Bridge, and Marble Mountain facilities, and the huge NSA Butler Hut Storage Complex on China Beach.
Seabee Team 1109, Chiang Kham, Thailand, May - November 1967
LTJG Geibel was the OIC of Seabee Team 1109, a 13-man special construction team, from February to November 1967. His team participated in SERE Training at Coronado, CA, Seabee Team Training in Port Hueneme, and a 2-week Field Exercise (FEX) with other Seabee Teams at Cape Vandenberg, CA, prior to a 7 month Deployment to Thailand. In Thailand, the team worked on timber bridges, wells, temple shade facility, road construction to remote villages, medical aid in villages, construction and maintenance of the Chiang Kham Airport and air fields in remote villages, in support of USOM, CIA and two 16-man Thai Border Patrol Teams, in villages in North-Eastern Thailand along the Burma and Laos borders. He rolled out of Thailand in November 1968 for a one-week stay in Dong Ha, Vietnam, before rolling back with the Advance Party to Port Hueneme, CA.
Assistant Delta Company Commander and Special Projects Officer for Alpha Company,  May - September 1968
LTJG Geibel deployed to Quang Tri, Vietnam, as Assistant Delta Company Commander, a position he held in homeport in 1967-68. He was OIC of the next to last flight from Clark AFB to Quang Tri, Vietnam, in 1968. His flight landed on May 15, 1968, about 15 minutes before the last C-130 flight with MCB-11 personnel crash-landed on the airfield in Quang Tri. Pictures of the crashed C-130 aircraft are included in these slides. No Seabees were killed, but several were severely injured and medivaced to military hospitals and off-shore hospital ships for treatment. During the deployment, road work on Route 1 between Dong Ha and Quang Tri and Route 9 from Dong Ha to Khe Sahn got hot and he became the Special Roadwork Project officer for Alpha Company, overseeing road upgrades and the rock off load ramp at Cua Viet.  Other projects worked on included the MER housing projects for US Army and US Marines operating west of Quang Tri and Dong Ha, the new Ammo Supply Point (ASP) at Quang Tri, and road upgrade, culverts and bridge reconstruction on Routes One and Nine. Operations at the rock off-load ramp in Cua Viet became critical to transfer rock hauled by barge from Danang to crush into concrete aggregate, and aggregate for upgrade of Routes One and Nine and the huge ASP in Quang Tri.

MCB11 Seabees on March at Camp Pendleton   Field Mess Hall at Camp Pendleton, CA
Seabees on lunch break, FEX, Camp Pendleton   M-16 Tracer Rounds at Night Bivouac, Camp Pendleton

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