1966 Deployment

Officers and Chiefs in Da Nang probably May 1966; Bill Barron, CO, was missing from the photo. Kneeling front on left is Bill Middleton, XO, on the right is John Totten, Ops. The next two rows are officers the back two rows are chiefs.

The "Duke" (John Wayne) in the jeep writing a note before leaving Camp Adenir in Da Nang. John Totten standing beside the jeep.

Hanging the best wishes note from John Wayne in the MCB 11 EM Club.


We knew John Wayne was coming to Da Nang and wanted to get him to dedicate our new EM club but every time we approached the Third MAF they told us there was no way it could be fit in his schedule, too tight. Then Ensign Arnold piped up and told us he could get John Wayne as his father was in charge of construction for all of John Wayne's movies. He contacted his father and told us not to worry. When John Wayne arrived in Da Nang to visit the Marines he informed them that the schedule had to change as he had to go to MCB 11 to see the son of a friend of his, the marines started to object but he told them he was going and we were notified to prepare for his helicopter to arrive at the Camp Adenir helo pad.

Photos and story submitted by John Totten