September 3, 1967 Dong Ha Ammo Dump Explosion








MCB11 Talent Show: The Winners - "J. J. and the Heartbreakers" take first place in MCB 11 Talent Night contest, This rock "n" roll group - led by CA "J.J" Brown at the mike. PN3 De Hulett on the sax, BUL3 Frank Moen, EON3 Terry Strickland and EADCN John Crowson (not shown) on the guitars, CN Richard Wilson at the organ and SN George Brooks on the drums, was so good that it came back for a repeat performance the next week.


AT THE GRASS SHACK, the smiling faces greeted contestants in MCB 11 Talent Night. Second place winner was folk singer, SWF2 Perry Faulkner, third place winner was EOH3 Richard Heidelberg and UTC "Mac" McKenzie and UTBCN W. J. McBride, received honorable mention.


These photos were submitted by David Jackson