My job with Eleven was to run our three generators. Myself and two other CEs pulled six and twelve. You don't make much contact with others when you do that.

We got word that Eleven was going to be decommissioned and we were being sent home. Our original return was March 1970. Senior Chief Fain told me that I was going to be on the delayed party because we had to take down our generators and ship them to Hueneme. The Army, that took over Camp Evans, had their own units. I offered to install them for the Army, but some how they just didn't get those units they said they would. (Personal observation is that I feel they thought we would jut pull out and leave ours there). Anyway, our last night at Evans was a dark one, because our units were on the way to Dan Nang.

Dates I do not remember, but one night while I was on mid, Sappers tried to find a way through our camp, to the Army unit next to us. There was only a fence between. He crawled over our main gate; curled up in a ball when a flair was sent off, then was so brazen that he was walking down our road in front of the bunkers when Hall, (Our security P.O. turns his light on in the weapons and there he was in all of his nakedness. Hall called for him to stop, but he started shouting and took off running. Hall took him out, then his buddies outside our perimeter opened up. Nobody of our, as as I was made aware of, got hit or hurt.

The delayed party arrived at Port Magu on the thirtieth of November and Eleven was already decommissioned.

Our families were told that our flight was going to be six hours late. Our pilot found an air stream and we flew better than seven hundred miles an hour. Captain Godsey told us that he would probably get into some kind of trouble but he stated "Screw them. These guys want to get home" or words to that affect.

submitted by USN MCB Eleven Keith Nielson