1969 Camp Haines

Bonnie and Clyde Crushers in 1969 at the Bonnie Quarry.
Charlie "Boydog" Ward showing off a little when we went up to the bunker above Clyde Crusher. He is pointing the 50 caliber out toward the Ashaw valley to the Northwest.
Charlie Ward with the famed Bonnie & Clyde shovels
Balzer and Hudson in Clyde's bucket
There were four operators of the Bonnie and Clyde shovels, assigned to them in 1969. Tommy Hudson and Charlie Ward were on nights and Balzer and unknown were on days. Does anyone remember the other day time operator?  During MCB 11's tour at Phu Loc all the previous production records were surpassed, including quarry tonnage production, total flex base tonnage production, total miles constructed, etc. In short we worked our butts off for six straight months.

Photos submitted by Tommy Hudson