Tony Montuori - CM3 Seabee from CBMU 301 shared the following pictures with our group from their return tour of Vietnam.
Here's our group (Seabees from CBMU 301) standing on the site where Camp Spillman was. As you remember Spillman, was 301s Camp, right across from Camp Barnes at Dong Ha. We are facing Where Camp Barnes was. I like to describe Dong Ha today as "Completely over-run" in that there is no longer any trace of Seabee camps or Military presence in Dong Ha today.

This tour was designed to travel and see what became of Seabee installations mainly in The Northern I Corps. There were eleven of us Seabees, from several Battalions and Detachments, all having served in just about every Camp that Seabees were deployed. It was a very fulfilling trip - in so many ways. Now when I read the All Seabee Viet Nam Era page, and see mention of Seabee exploits during that Era, I'll have a little more insight as to what's being said.
This was the Pagoda North of the Runway - back in '68. See the clump of trees (upper left of previous photo) today there's a whole complex of Pagodas and Buddhist icons.
This is what is left of the Quang Tri Airstrip.