On Saturday, 11 November 2006, the Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Northwest District sponsored and hosted a special Veteran's Day memorial service for Seabee Medal of Honor recipient CM3 Marvin G. Shields at the Gardiner Community Cemetery, Gardiner, WA. The Seabee veterans have chosen Veterans Day to conduct this event for the past three years. Under the leadership of Richard H. Morey, EOC USN, (Ret), and Donal J. Egelus, EQCM USN, (Ret) the Seabee veterans group along with active duty Seabees from CBMU 303-Det Bangor and NMCB74 and members of the local Gardiner community conducted a memorial service in honor of their fallen shipmate. Also present was Shields widow, Joan Shields Bennett.


Color guard members from CBMU 303-Det Bangor and Joan Shields Bennett at CM3 Marvin G. Shields gravesite.  

Members of the Seabee Veterans of America, Northwest District pay their respects as they place a floral remembrance on CM3 Marvin G. Shields grave marker.


The chaplain of Seabee Veterans of America, Northwest District recites a prayer during memorial services for Marvin G. Shields on Veterans Day, 11/11/06 in Gardiner, WA


Seabee veterans, community members and active duty Seabees from NMCB 74 and CBMU 303-Det Bangor  remember CM3 Marvin G. Shields on Veterans Day, 11/11/06 in Gardiner, WA

From Joan Bennett:

Marvin's headstone after the local SeaBees of CBMU 303, Bangor made and installed a new concrete base for it.  The stone, several times over the years, has had to be lifted up as it tends to sink in the ground.  The SeaBees designed and made a larger base with the hope that that will help.  They excavated the site and put in rock and tamped it down before placing down the concrete base.  They were thoughtful enough to color the concrete black to match the stone.  I bought vases to put in the base and they made the holes to the correct size.  After the base was placed, the monument company came out and replaced the headstone itself.  I am very pleased with the work of the SeaBees as are the cemetery commissioners.  It is such a joy to work with these young men.  They are very caring and thoughtful. 

The above photos were submitted by Joan and Richard Bennett



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