Seabee Combat Warriors

Mass Communication Specialist Erick S. Holmes

NMCB 11 Det. Horn of Africa, Public Affairs

March 2009


    CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti – Sailors from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 Det. Horn of Africa (HOA), out of Gulfport, Miss., continue to study and train for the Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist (SCW) qualification, even while deployed.

    The SCW program requires a Sailor's dedication, according to  Equipment Operator 2nd (SCW) Class Dalton J. Kurts, the first person from NMCB 11 Det. HOA to earn the qualification while deployed

    “You really got to earn it,” said Kurts.  “You really need to know it all, too.  In the boards you get drilled with embarkation, weapons and you need a field exercise under your belt,” Kurtz said.

The Sailors of NMCB 11 are taking every chance they can to prepare.  Construction Mechanic Constructionman Brian K. Chilson, from the NMCB 11 Det. HOA Alfa Shop, is a junior troop preparing for his upcoming SCW test and board.

    “I've been studying and letting people in my shop quiz me,” Chilson explained  “And I want the pin.  It shows you're trying to do something difficult and that you care a little more than the next guy.”

“With Seabee Combat Warfare, you always use the information you learn,” Kurtz said.  “You'll use this information for your job, field exercises and deployment.  You need to know it.”

    The process to earn the qualification is lengthy.  The Sailors need to have all Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) books signed off, pass a written test, a practice board nicknamed a “murder board” and finally the official SCW board.  This makes planning your SCW schedule the key to earning the warfare pin, according to the Seabees of NMCB 11.  “I wanted to get it but needed to stay focused,” explained Kurtz.  “So I determined when I wanted to take the final board and set dates in a reverse time-line from there, hitting all of those milestones.”

    Kurtz's senior leadership explained to him the importance of helping fellow eager Seabees, said Kurtz.

    “You need to help non-qualified Seabees, too,” Kurtz said.  “I was told on my board that I need to share my knowledge and help out my shipmates.  This shows a Seabee with the pin on their uniform cares about being a Seabee,” added Kurtz.

    NMCB 11 Det. HOA is currently on a six-month deployment to the Combined joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) area of operations, working in five separate countries.