Seabee Posters and Memorabilia


World War II Postcard,
purchased off Ebay by Bob Marten

This postcard is from Camp Peary, named after RADM Robert Peary, CEC, USN, discover of the Nouth Pole in 1909, where many Seabees including some from the 11th NCB trained during WW II. It was also the primary site for training CEC officers during WW II. It was abandoned as a training center in June 1944 and the training activities were left to other bases in the Midwest and West Coast.


The postcard and poem below submitted by Bruce Geibel


A Poem in Honor of Camp Peary

Thirty-five days in Camp Peary,
Five weeks in a place wreaking hell,
I can't say I'm sorry I'm leaving,
I'm ready to cruise for a spell.
We live like hogs in a mud hole
In a two-by-four hut made of tin;
They say that the rain makes it muddy,
But it's only the tide coming in.     
So I'm packing my sea bags for travel,
I'm washing the mud from my face,
And I don't give a damn where they send me
As long as it is some other place.
They can send me to the front in the morning
And the Axis can turn on the heat,
If the only way back is through Peary,
Don't worry, I'll never retreat.
 Author Unknown
California Resolution Commending MCB11 Seabees