COM 3rd NCB Letter of Appreciation
NMCB-11, January 12, 1969

COM 3rd NCB Representative, Saigon
      Letter of Appreciation
BU2 B. A Bower, September 20, 1969
      BUC J. A. Perry, September 20, 1969

COM 31st NCR Letter of Appreciation
NMCB-11, January 10, 1969

COM 32nd NCR Letter of Appreciation
NMCB-11, 1969

Chief of Information, Washington, DC
      CHINFO Merit Award (Newspaper Category)
Staff of the BRIDGE, NMCB-11, Feb. 10, 1969

Arizona State Fair Commission Award
      Presented by Governor Samuel P. Goddard
      Phoenix, Arizona, November 4-13, 1967
Exhibits and Display Guides as Below:
      SWF2 James T. Zajdel
      CMS2 William J. McCully

      Seabee of the Deployment
CE1 W. E. Warren, 1967
      CE1 Harold E. Colvin, 1968 

Seabee of the Month
CMA2 Stanford K. Chai, January 1967
      BU1 J. Manalo, April 1967
      BUL3 A. F. Machi, May 1967
      CN W. A. Bailey, June 1967
      CEP3 T. R. Lyman, July 1967
      HM2 H. J. Randolph, August 1967
      UTP2 D. R. Williams, September 1967
      SWECN K. L. Moe, October 1967
      SWF2 F. H. Surbaugh, November 1967
      DK2 E. D. Pore, 1967
      CE1 James D. Kirby, July 1968
      BU2 Benjamin A. Bower, August 1968

Berlin Freedom Medal
CM3 Marvin G. Shields, Team 1104, #1965
      Note:  # - KIA – Awarded Posthumously

Members of the Navy Region Ceremonial Guard provide a 21-gun salute during the dedication ceremony for the Seabee Memorial at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl.  U.S. Navy Photo from HNN News, Vol. 26, Issue 11, March 23, 2001.

 Honoring our Seabees Killed in Action or who suffered an accidental death while serving the Battalion during World War II, the Cold War and the Vietnam War.

      V.  Killed in Action (KIA)
      11th Naval Construction Battalion
      World War II (0)
No officers or enlisted men reported KIA
      Editor’s Note: Information comes from the Official 11th NCB “Deployment Completion Report” of December 1945.
      Frank J. Cataneo, Special NCB-11 1945, Okinawa
      Editor’s Note: Frank Cataneo was reported in some sources as NCB-11. This is not the 11th NCB. Included here to indicate that he was part of the 11th Special Seabee Battalion, a separate Seabee unit, that served on Okinawa.

Korea (0)
No officers or enlisted men KIA

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