Vietnam (8)
CM3 Marvin G. Shields, 10 June 1965
      SWF2 William C. Hoover, 10 June 1965
      EOCS Donald J. Barnes, 6 June 1967
      BUR2 Jerry L. Newman, 28 August 1967
      BUHCN Richard J. Wager, 28 August 1967
      BURCN Anthony J. Grasso, 28 August 1967
      CN Jerome D. Patterson, 28 August 1967
      CM1 Milford M. Tognazzini, 16 August 1969 

Other KIA: (2) Served w/ NMCB-11 (2)
SW1 Charles D. Jones, 19 Feb. 1969
                While serving w/ NMCB-5
      LCDR George R. Matthews, 10 Feb. 1970
                While serving w/ COMCBPAC

VI.  Non-Hostile/Accidental Deaths

11th Naval Construction Battalion

World War II – 1942-45 (1)

MM1c Alex P. Rempelakis, 2 November 1943

     Ammunition Ship Explosion – Pier Fire

     Noumea, New Caledonia



Peacetime “Cold War” Era – 1953-64 (10)
      Frank Jennings, 16 July 1957, Adak, Alaska
      Chief John J. Bridewell, 1958-59, Guam
      Kai S. Madsen, 1958-59, Guam
      CEC Roy E. Cameron, 1959-60, Okinawa
      BU1 James E. Morgan, 1959-60, Okinawa
      BUL3 Kenneth J. Pankow, 1959-60, Okinawa
      CM1 George F. Adams, 1961-62, Guam
      HM3 Samuel G. Campbell, 1961-62, Guam
      BU1 William J. Perkins, 1961-62, Guam
      CM1 Gerald C. Oliver, 1964, Okinawa 

Vietnam War 1965-1969 (5)
LT Hartley M. Josephson, Danang, 7 October 1966
      EON3 Marvin C. Hill, Dong Ha, 25 May 1967
      EOH3 William H. Rivers, 4 May 1967
      CN John J. Bailkowski, 24 June 1967
      CN Jon J. Hayden, 16 August 1967

Navy Awards and Decorations List

There is a Web Site on the Internet that you may click on to through your Google switch that tells you how to update your medal/ribbon record and where to apply to get those medals/ribbons. It also contains a description of unit awards, dates for eligibility of the award, and a description of the award. Many of you have asked about the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR). This Internet site describes eligibility and information needed to obtain the ribbon. It was approved on an individual “case by case” basis and not as a unit award. The Department of the Navy has authorized each Veteran the ability to obtain two medals/ribbons they have been authorized. One copy they presume was issued before or at the time of discharge. The other may be a replacement medal/ribbon provided free of charge to Veterans. Please log on to the following site for information:

It is hoped that this helps you with our medal/ribbon validation and ordering. Your DD-214 issued at discharge should contain a list of medals/awards authorized. If by chance some were omitted, this site gets you on the right track. The site contains a Form 180 request and instructions are included for you benefit. For those who do not have access to a computer, check with a neighbor who does have access and have them print to 8-page instruction and related order forms.

It may take 4-6 months for the National Personnel Records Center (NRPC) personnel respond to your request so be patient with your requests. The NMPC receives literally thousands of such requests on a daily basis. Armed with the right information, you may increase your chances of success on the first try. Good luck with your quest.