MCB 11 Association was formed in 2001 at the All Seabee Reunion in Port Hueneme. The last evening of the reunion there were 14 former members of MCB 11 who met and decided to form an Association. Those original members were: Terry Chamberlin, Joan Tognazzini Cox, Larry Davis, Ron Griffin, Terry Grimm, Bill Markowski, Bob Marten, David McCabe, Richard Miller, Keith Nielson, Bob Quinn, Bill Sacks, Jim Thompson, Harold Wardenburg,  Although not all of these people attended that 1st meeting, they did join that evening.

 Terry Chamberlin volunteered to be the membership chairman/treasurer and the group decided to do a quarterly newsletter. Due to Terry’s commitment to graduate school, Keith volunteered to take over the position of membership/treasurer. The quarterly newsletter was written by Keith & Jean Neilson and Bob & Ellen Marten. Bob & Ellen decided to design a web site dedicated to the association and the men who served with MCB 11. They asked for articles and pictures from members and went through many cruise books to obtain the information for the website. One of the first people to share his cruise book was Glen Weidner, a WWII veteran. Keith spent many hours contacting each person who signed the guest book.

Keith and Bob decided to hold a reunion for MCB 11 in conjunction with the “All Seabee Reunion” in 2003 at Port Hueneme. Keith and Jean spent many hours putting it together, with Bob being the contact person for MCB 11, as Ed Kloster advertised for the Reunion. Before the reunion, Bob, with Keith's input designed the MCB 11 logo, and started the ship’s store, with hats, polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts. This was the reunion that brought about the continuation of the association with many people stepping up to help run it. Keith, along with Jean’s help, volunteered to continue as membership chairman/treasurer, Keith and Bob, along with their wives, volunteered to continue the newsletter, a steering committee was formed by: John Totten, Jim Gilbert, Mel Mischikowski, Ted Fisher, & Dave Karluk. A reunion committee was formed by: Larry Hagler, Tom Ryan, & Bill O’Ferrall. Pete and Marilyn Poillon volunteered to take over the Ship’s store, and Bob Marten volunteered to continue with the web site.

Thanks to the diligent work of the steering committee you now have the by-laws for the Association. The next reunion was at Branson, MO (2004), then Washington D.C (2005)., and then Albuquerque NM (2006). At the Branson reunion officers were elected (John Totten, President; Jim Gilbert Vice-President; Ron Griffin Treasurer; and Grady McEachern newsletter editor.) Bruce Geibel volunteered to write a history of MCB 11. Larry Hagler along with Liz, not only took on the reunion planning, but also membership chairman, and later in the year they took the ship's store. At the Washington D.C. reunion Joe Mecca took over the ship’s store.

    (2006) This Association has grown from the original 14 to around 240 members. I would like to say a special thank you to those original 14 who had the forethought to start the association, and then to each of you who have volunteered your time to make it grow as officers and committee people, and last but not least to the members who make this association what it is today, without you it would not succeed. Many new friendships have been made, and many old ones renewed. Special thanks to each of you who have shared your stories and pictures with the Association and the web site.   

the above article was written by Ellen Marten