The policy of the MCB 11 Association website is to make available to MCB 11 Alumni and current NMCB 11 personnel and the public the history of MCB 11 and their tours of duty. Our website should be used for personal contacts, reports of happenings, photos from the members while serving with MCB 11 and their stories or memories that can be documented, and or official written history of MCB 11, and not to be construed as an official announcement or endorsement by the MCB 11 Association. To do so could well end up as misinformation on claim forms that may or may not be correct. If there appears to be discrepancies in the stories, and or anything objectionable or offensive we will edit or correct it. In the guestbook entries, we currently edit or omit any unsavory or objectionable entries. Personal injuries or causes of death are not published on this website out of respect for the families; the “Fallen Heroes” page is to honor those who lost their lives in service of MCB 11.

If you use any of the material from this website on your own website or blogs, please credit the information to MCB 11 Association or provide a link to our site with credit noted. Thank you