Vietnamese Public Works Award
      EOC K. F. Durkee, 1969

      Vietnamese Letter of Appreciation
      EO2 R. L. Haralson, 1969
      CM3 D. F. Smith, 1969

IV.  Partial Listing of Other Battalion Recognition Earned from WWII through Vietnam

11th Naval Construction Battalion
Period: 1942 - 1945

BGEN Henry L. Larsen, USMC
      Military Governor & Commanding General
      Defense Forces in American Samoa
      Letter of Commendation for Services

      Letter dated June 25, 1943
Awarded to 11th NCB Personnel in Support of USMC Forces in American Samoa for “Excellent Cooperation and Efficiency in their work under my command.”

RADM Ben Moreell (CEC), USN
      Chief of the Bureau (Yards & Docks)
      Commendation for Services
      Letter dated August 7, 1943
      American Samoa
11th NCB Personnel in Support of USMC Forces Re: “Commending … the 11th Construction Battalion for valuable services provided…” to Brig. Gen. Henry L. Larsen, USMC, Headquarters, Camp Lejeune, NC.

GEN Charles F. B. Price, USMC
      Commanding General
      Headquarters, Defense Group
      Commendation for 11th NCB
      Period: August 27, 1942 – June 18, 1943
All assignments were carried out with a willing spirit and in full cooperation with all other units and activities… All construction projects were carried out in a highly efficient manner…”

ADM William F. “Bull” Halsey, USN
      COMSOUTHPAC Forces
      Noumea, New Caledonia
      Meritorious Service
      Letter dated November 1, 1943
11th NCB Personnel Attached to Fire Department
      Put Out Ship and Port Fire Conflagration
      No Specific Names Mentioned (See Award Below)

MAJ GEN Rush B. Lincoln, USA
      Commanding General
      Noumea, New Caledonia
      Headquarters, Island Command
      Letter dated November 1, 1943
11th NCB – Members of Base Fire Department
      Courageous & Important Service Fire Conflagration
      Fouts, Charles, CARP
      Alger, John A., M1c
      Anderson, Carl R., SF3
      Borden, Solomon M., COXSWAIN
      Day, Paul P., SKD1
      Harrison, Lloyd J., CM3
      Henson, Floyd F., EM2
      Phillips, Raymond L., PTR2
      Roach, William T., CM2
      Ward, Elmer F., CM2
      Rempelakis, Alex P., #MM1
      Note:  # - Awarded Posthumously

Commodore J. E. Boak, USN
      Commander, Naval Base, Navy 3205
      Commendation South Pacific Campaign
      Letter forwarded to 11th NCB dated May 11, 1944
      All Naval Activities Ashore, including 11th NCB
      South Pacific Airmail Gram dated 21 April 1944
“…A great measure of the Sky-blasting, Sea-sweeping, Jungle-smashing of the combat forces goes to the construction gangs and service organizations that bulldozed bases out of the Jungle and brought up the beans and bullets and supplies…”
               /s/ ADM William F. Halsey, USN

W. B. Short/G. G. Lancaster
      OIC, 4th USN Construction Brigade
      FPO San Francisco, California
      Commendation 11th USN Construction Battalion
      Letter dated October 1, 1944
Accomplishments of the 11th NCB in the Admiralties…“has been of the highest quality and has been instrumental in the rapid and successful completion of this Base.
                /s/   W. B. Short
                        G. G. Lancaster

      Second USN Construction Regiment
FPO San Francisco, California

      Commendation: 11th USN Construction Battalion
      October 4, 1944
Credible Performance of the Enlisted and Officer Personnel of the Eleventh Construction Battalion…” for the excellent performance shown on the construction projects undertaken by subject activity while engaged in the erection of Navy Base Three Two Zero Five (3205).
/s/ Paul L. A. Keiser

Commodore J. E. Boak, USN
      Commander, Naval Base, Navy 3205
      Admiralties Islands, 1944
      Letter of Appreciation

      Re: “Excellent judgement, courage and efficient handling of a delicate situation…” while rescuing five Chinese-born laborers hiding out in the jungles in the Admiralties Islands after their escape from long-gone Japanese occupiers of the Island.
Carpenter Frank T. Cadarr

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eleven
      Period: 1953 – 1969.  Below is a partial listing only of unit awards and names found in various official documents.


RADM Joseph F. Jelley, CEC, USN

Commander, 10th Naval Construction Brigade
      Letter of Commendation
      October 10, 1956
      NMCB-11 Recognition: “High production efficiency that increased 20% between February and September 1956 and for the excellent quality of the completed structures…”


Commanding Officer, CBC Port Hueneme, CA

Letter of Commendation

November 5, 1959
      NMCB-11 Recognition: Outstanding Homeport Period


Commanding Officer, CBC Port Hueneme, CA
      “Cock of the Walk– Two Awards
      June 28 and October 15, 1959
NMCB-11 Pass in Review Honors – Best Battalion


ROICC Okinawa Award - 1964

“Contractor of the Month”

June 1964
      Awarded to: NMCB-11
   Editor’s Note: This was the first time that this award was given to a Seabee battalion. Heretofore, it was always presented to a civilian construction contractor.


Seabee Invents Airfield SATS Matting Tool
      SWECN Joseph Curcione, C-Co., June 1964

Editor’s Note: Recognition for the inventor of the SATS Matting Tool was given to this member of NMCB-11. 

RADM J. R. Davis, CEC, USN - 1965

Commander of the Seabees

Letter of Commendation - Okinawa
      CEW3 Richard S. Supczak, April 1965

NMCB-11 C.O.’s Meritorious Mast - 1965
      Letters of Commendation - Okinawa
UTCS Ralph M. Muckelrath, March 1965
      BUL3 Douglas Harwood, March 1965
      BUC Henry Taft, April 16, 1965
      BUC Carl Bock, April 16, 1965 

Letters of Appreciation - 1965

      BUL2 John Margraf, April 16, 1965
      SW1 Richard Salmonson, April 16, 1965
      UTW2 Paul Lavella, April 16, 1965
      BUL3 Valentine Valles, April 16, 1965

COMCBPAC Letter of Commendation, Okinawa

June 1965
      Awarded: NMCB-11
      “Support & Assistance re: Mount-out of NMCB-10”

CO NMCB-10 Letter of Appreciation, Okinawa
      Mount-out of NMCB-10 from Okinawa to Vietnam
      Period: May – June 1965
ENS Richard B. Laurance, CEC, USNR
      UTCS Ralph M. Muckelrath
      EOCA Elmore
      EOH2 P. O. Clayton
CN J. E. Hadder
      And 15 Forklift Operators TAD to USS Washburn

Secretary of the Navy
      Letter of Commendation – 1966
YN2 John Dunlap, 1966

Assembly, California Legislature
      2nd Extraordinary Session, 1967
      Resolution No. 43, Adopted December 4, 1967
      Commending NMCB-11
A Resolution was presented to NMCB-11 by the California Legislature on December 4, 1967, in recognition of their contributions to the war in South Vietnam, especially recognizing posthumously CM3 Marvin G. Shields, recipient of the Medal of Honor.
               /s/ Jesse M. Unrue
               Speaker of the Assembly

Commanding Officer, NMCB-11
      Letters of Commendation – 1965 - 1968
UTCS Ralph M. Muckelrath, January 1965

      CECS Joseph H. Herrera, March 1966
      HM1 R. Simmons, 1966
      CMA2 David A. Jackson, Sr., 1966
      CM1 P. C. Arnold, December 1966
      BUH2 Ralph Z. Bagdigian, December 1966
      CMCS L. W. Cooper, December 1966
      PCSN T. G. Hefner, December 1966
      BUL2 Keith K. Klein, December 1966
      UTW2 Frank Nava, December 1966
      BUC W. H. Neal, December 1966
      CMH3 M. L. Nelson, December 1966
      SK2 R. W. Pearcy, December 1966
      EAD3 A. D. Roberts, December 1966
LTJG Bruce B. Geibel, CEC, USN, February 1968

Mayor William Soo Hoo
      Oxnard, California
      City Resolution, December 5, 1967

      Editor’s Note: The City of Oxnard issued a resolution honoring NMCB-11 for the “‘Courageous Manner’ in which the battalion was deployed in Dong Ha, Vietnam.

OIC CBPAC Detachment Thailand - 1967
      Letters of Appreciation, Seabee Team 1109
1.  Chiang Kham District Officer
Taung Police District Commander
Chiang Kham Police District Commander
     4. Abbot, Taung Monastery

Dept. of the Army, HQ XXIV Corps
      Letter of Commendation
NMCB-11, November 5, 1969

      Letter of Appreciation
NMCB-11, January 11, 1969

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

Letter of Achievement

CE2 D. C. Bronson, 1969
UT2 W. L. Pearson, 1969

Dept. of the Army, 75th Support Battalion
      Letter of Appreciation
NMCB-11, October 6, 1968

Dept. of the Army, 18th Surgical Hospital (MA)
      Letter of Appreciation
NMCB-11, January 1, 1968

Dept. of the Army, 26th Gen. Support Battalion
      Certificate of Appreciation (Task Force Diamond)
      NMCB-11, November 28, 1968

Dept. of the Army, 14th Engineer Battalion
      Letter of Appreciation
NMCB-11, November 13, 1969

COM GEN III MAF Letters of Appreciation
      NMCB-11, November 23, 1969
      NMCB-11, January 25, 1969

Letter of Appreciation
      NMCB-11, January 19, 1969




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